Cane Concept, founded in 1993 emphasizes on timeless designs that innovate  traditional craftsmanship in bamboo, cane and woodworks.

Export-oriented goals of Cane Concept include setting higher standards for traditional Naga handicrafts in a fast-paced world to ensure the continuity of decades of experience and artistry into your living space.

Apart from refining traditional motifs and skills into modern furnishings, the design philosophy of Cane Concept revolves around the creative functionalities of minimalism, clean cuts and intricate details.

Cane Concept uses sustainable materials and the skills of local communities to ensure authenticity and flair. Each piece is thoughtfully forged to complement and update classic staples that are cherished, keeping conscious living in mind.
By intertwining cultural art and functionality, the team at Cane Concept aims to create a global family that values the luxuries of contemporary and custom-made quality products with historical significance behind them.